Routine Service Agreement

Instant 15% Savings Now

Service Agreement customers save 15% on every service call, and have fewer AC replacements.

Routine service agreement

Discipline is easier to live with than regret. Homeowners that pay for regular routine maintenance get longer lives out of their AC systems. With the hard Florida summers you can prevent costly repairs by just simple quarterly service.

Residential AC service contracts in Florida pay for themselves quite fast.

    • The bulk of residential AC service calls are for issues which were (are?) preventable. Florida is a very unique state and the life spans on air conditioning systems is much shorter if they are left to work hard without alleviating the strains whenever possible.
    • Here are some very common yet very preventable reasons SSI receives so many residential AC service calls: Drainage Issues, Improper Refrigerant Charges, Electrical Control Malfunctions, faulty ductwork, dirty equipment etc. These smaller issues give way to other major costly repairs, which in turn speeds the need for system replacement unnecessarily.

Routine Service Agreements extend equipment life, Lower Utility Bills, Improve Reliability, allow fewer Repairs, Improve Cooling/heating Capacity




            • NO OVERTIME EVER for nights, weekends, and holidays
            • Priority Customer response time - Move to the front of the line
            • Change/wash filter
            • Brush/clean evaporator coil
            • Vacuum drain pan and flush drain line
            • Add drain pan tabs/strip
            • Check wires, connections, and contactors
            • Check defrost controls (Fall/Winter)
            • Clean condensing coil
            • Verify proper thermostat cycles of operation
            • Lubricate all moving parts
            • Record Model numbers, Serial Numbers, age, & condition
            • Inform Homeowner of any Repairs or Improvements




            • 24hr turnaround on all Parts and Units (Excludes special order parts)
            • Inspect Inside of Air Handler and address growth
            • Check Thermostat Calibration
            • Sweep and Clean Around Air Handler and Condensing Unit
            • Sanitize Coil




          • 15% Off all repairs and replacements
          • Inspect Ductwork for Any Leaks
          • Pull and Clean Blower Assembly (FIRST VISIT ONLY)
          • Sanitize Duct System with Fogger
          • Vacuum Leaves and Debris from inside Condensing Unit
          • Check Air Flow from Grills / Adjust Grills to Flow Across Room
          • Clean Vegetation from Around Condensing Unit
          • Wax Condensing Unit Cabinet / Wax Air Handler Cabinet


Summer Survival Service

FREE upgrade to Platinum Plan! May through September first time customers receive our Platinum plan for the price of the basic Silver plan.

Prevention $ < $ Avoidance

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” - Ben Franklin

SSI supports a homeowner’s ability to save money wherever possible, but the above numbers don’t lie. Performing the manufacturer's recommended service will save you more money (Through fewer service calls and more time between replacement) than the cost of the plan.