New Construction and Remodel

Free Design Assistance

A poor design will leave you with regret and very little recourse once a new system is installed. We have great design experience and an expedited permitting process.

New Construction and Remodel Capabilities

New single family residential construction is our specialty. A new Air Conditioning and heating system for your home is one of the Forceful Five (Foundation, Framing, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC). Your residential mechanical company needs more than just experience with installation, they also need experience dealing with the county and inspectors. SSI will meet and exceed all your needs by providing a “turn-key” installation of an air conditioning and heating system for your new home. Call us now.

Why Choose SSI?

Quick Response Time.

You need help and advice now.  We have techs ready to respond to your needs fast when it's convenient for you.  Available across Central and South Florida.

Immediate, Onsite Estimates.

Paperless quotes!  Right now! At your home or office!  No wasted time! Without the fear of the price changing!  Always at an affordable price!

No Pressure, Friendly Technicians

Homeowners don’t need a pushy know-it-all tech. They need an ambassador who is going to put their needs and wants first. All of our technicians are here to educate and communicate customers so they can feel confident in their decisions for repair or replacement.

Service After The Sale

We will always contact you after completion of the repair to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your experience.  Do you have questions?  We want to hear them and give you great advice and service.

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